EcoGrid X30: It Means No More Cement Flag Stones – Sturdy, Sustainable & Totally Permeable!

EcoGrid X30 - Permeable Paving

The landscaping industry is always on the lookout for innovative new techniques that offer superior results, achieved of course within a client’s budget. After all, key attributes to business growth in the industry are: superior products, quality installation and affordability.

EcoGrid X30, one of many models in our range, ensures a level, stable, yet drainable sub-surface beneath a variety of paving materials, including concrete flagstones which we’ll be exploring here. Today’s blog shows how using EcoGrid X30 as a base stabiliser has potential cost savings to your project.

X30 can provide a cement-free and reduced sub-base provision / reduced excavation support system for concrete flagstones and blocks, as shown here:

EcoGrid X30 - Permeable Paving

EcoGrid X30 - Permeable Paving

The product, designed for interlocking concrete pavers, is easier (and cheaper) to install than standard build-up layers, and ensures blocks comply with all Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) regulations.

In the above diagram (right) you will see the blocks/flags are now reinforced using EcoGrid X30 filled with 5-10mm clean stone, with an underlying geotextile membrane layer. The result is a heavy duty linking grid system allowing stronger hardscapes with greater load distribution, built by stabilising the base material.

EcoGrid X30 - Permeable Paving

The benefits of introducing EcoGrid X30 to your project are many:

» Up to 50% base reduction in excavation
» Up to 30% labour cost savings
» Wider pin-point load dispersal
» More longevity to installations
» Reduced risk of poor sub-base compaction
» Easier to install than traditional build-up materials
» Improved aesthetics
» Turning standard CBP “permeable” without silica infill
» Full SuDs compliance
» Improved environmental awareness, less spoil to landfill

EcoGrid X30 - Permeable Paving

Our X30 grid has a load capacity of 150 tonne per sqm when unfilled, 250 tonne per sqm when filled. Full specs available in the EcoGrid Brochure. It’s RAL, NATO and TÜV approved and comes with a 20 year warranty!

The high quality, yet affordable solution allows for minimal base excavation, saving both the time and money that goes into installation and labour. Landscapers take note – these savings, both short term and long, will far out way the price of the grid. Your project can be cost effective and eco-friendly at the same time.

Fully permeable, free draining and load bearing surfaces from EcoGrid. Get in touch for design and quotation.

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