EcoGrid is without question the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving and ground reinforcement system.

We’ve known it for over 6 years, even before we took over distribution of the product, and we’ve tried and tested it in our own homes – but we hadn’t quite got around to installing it at EcoGrid HQ.

So, it was time for a transformation!

EcoGrid Blog - Our Car Park

In today’s blog we show you the install process in photos, which took just 1 day to complete.

The freshly layed EcoGrid car park demonstrates the versatility of our porous paving, combining the high-strength EcoGrid E50 for the base, with E40, E30 and the new EcoGrid Bloxx for delineation between parking spaces.

EcoGrid Blog - Our Car Park EcoGrid Blog - Our Car Park

Here, you could say EcoGrid is not being used in the traditional sense – instead we’ve overlayed the existing unsightly concrete to transform the area into an aesthetic, load bearing and well defined car park.

It’s also the perfect solution to retain gravel to keep a clean finish all year round. We’re keeping it permanently but EcoGrid can be relocated at will, thanks to its “lift and relay” system, ensuring usage on numerous sites.

Let’s take a look at the completed installation…

EcoGrid Blog - Our Car Park EcoGrid Blog - Our Car Park

Job done! And you can take advantage of the same results in your next project.

As you’ve seen, our interlocking porous paving grids are easy to install (up to 100m2 per hour, per person) and once installed stay virtually maintenance free even with vehicles driving directly over them day-to-day.

Don’t believe us? We back up our claims with a 20 year guarantee!

Fully permeable, free draining and load bearing surfaces from EcoGrid. Get in touch for design and quotation.

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