Benjamin Franklin was so right!

Ecogrid has been in production now for over 22 years and has grown in sales ever since. We took over the distribution of this product some six years ago and ever since, we have been engaged in a ‘battle’ with all sorts of manufacturers and distributers who hoodwink clients in to thinking that the product that they are offering is the original Ecogrid and not the far inferior product that they control.

But their product is cheaper! Yes but what price quality? Shouldn’t we in-stead look at value?

It is simple really, we have a product manufactured at ‘x’ we put on our margin and sell at ‘Y’ THat is the selling pice one, more for the public etc.

If the imposter is 20-30% cheaper than ‘Y’ then something must have been left out:

Quality of raw materials

Density of product

Quality of manufacture


Actual fitfulness for purpose.

The other annoyance is the placing of the phrase ‘or similar’ on tender documents. What on earth does that mean? Similar to what? or is this a euphamism for the cheapest?

An example:


This is one of ours.

The local council asked for details, we visited them and explained all about our products and, over a period of time; went through all the specifications and gave samples, CAD drawings, cost analyses etc. They awarded the contract to a local Civil Engineering company with whom we liased, offered advice and oversaw a part of the installation. Job done, dont hear about this installation again. Move on to the next one.

This was NOT one of ours.



This is the comment from the client:

I’m just looking for advice in relation to an issue we have with a recent Ecogrid 50 installation.

As you can see from the attached photographs, the Ecogrid 50 had distorted and risen where it has been laid to form a parking bay.

We are surprised at this outcome given the very high load bearing capacity of Ecogrid 50.

Do you have any thoughts on the likely cause of this. Could it be caused by an HGV screwing it’s axles or should properly installed Ecogrid 50 withstand this stress?

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


Only this is NOT Ecogrid, not even close. So the upshot is that the client loses faith in the product, has to re-install something else, probably now Tarmac…UGH and then enter in to litigation with the supplier of the bogus product.

Until such time that companies passing off their poor quality goods as the real ones are penalised heavily and the term ‘or similar’ is removed from tender documents, the instances of product failure and cost implication thereof will continue.

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