New Install: Ecoraster (EcoGrid!) Permeable Paving for Heavy Duty Temporary Access Roads

Fans of Ecoraster on Facebook – our North American counterparts offering the same permeable paving under a different name – have been given a look at an impressive new installation. In case you missed it, we've got you covered! This new EcoGrid install takes advantage of our paving's ability to be used as a temporary access solution, providing the [...]

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EcoGrid X30: It Means No More Cement Flag Stones – Sturdy, Sustainable & Totally Permeable!

The landscaping industry is always on the lookout for innovative new techniques that offer superior results, achieved of course within a client's budget. After all, key attributes to business growth in the industry are: superior products, quality installation and affordability. EcoGrid X30, one of many models in our range, ensures a level, stable, yet drainable sub-surface beneath a variety [...]

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Throwback Thursday: EcoGrid Permeable Paving for Disabled Access in School Gardens

It's Throwback Thursday here in the EcoGrid Blog! In today's blog we "Throwback" to an EcoGrid permeable paving install from 2006 (and still going strong today of course); a project undertaken by a school in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Saxon Hill, an academy for children young persons with physical disabilities, required better disabled access facilities in their new wildlife [...]

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EcoGrid: So good we’ve installed it in our own car park! See photos of the transformation…

EcoGrid is without question the World's No. 1 Permeable Paving and ground reinforcement system. We've known it for over 6 years, even before we took over distribution of the product, and we've tried and tested it in our own homes – but we hadn't quite got around to installing it at EcoGrid HQ. So, it was time [...]

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Passing off…an increasing annoyance. Or what on earth does”or similar mean?”

Benjamin Franklin was so right! Ecogrid has been in production now for over 22 years and has grown in sales ever since. We took over the distribution of this product some six years ago and ever since, we have been engaged in a 'battle' with all sorts of manufacturers and distributers who hoodwink clients in [...]

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