Don’t Get Muddled Up!

EcoGrid Blog - Don't Get Muddled Up!

Puns, they’re fun (at least I think so). Mud however, is not fun. Not unless you’re a young child messing about, getting filthy and ruining clothes with little to no disregard for the pain your parents will go through in trying to clean your new Adidas top that nanny bought last week. This becomes less fun when you’re 34 and no longer living with your mum, who used to do your washing.

Construction and mud are not friends. It’s sloppy, ugly, messy and frustrating. Whether you’re laying the foundations for a block of new build flats or excavating the way for a massive attenuation tank; bad weather or poor ground conditions can result in a very muddy working environment on site.

Just some problems that can occur are with:

▸ Ease of movement, especially when carrying heavy equipment
▸ Vehicle access going in and around the site
▸ Ground conditions; strength and drainage particularly
▸ Machinery and staff underperformance due to general difficulty

Even if the larger plant vehicles grind their way through the sludge and silt, it’s very likely that the top surface level will be damaged at the very least, creating yet more work for the force.

so what to do..

If only there was a product that could be laid down quickly, drain naturally, reinforce the ground, be used repeatedly across various locations and reliably withstand the mass of vehicles travelling over..

EcoGrid Blog - Don't Get Muddled Up!

..introducing: EcoGrid!

Specifically, EcoGrid E50. This beast of porous paving has been used for Apache landing pads in Afghanistan, can withstand 800 tonnes of gross plated weight, and is still made from recycled materials. Contractors and plant hire companies alike, here is your solution:

▸ Lay 100 square metres per hour, per person
▸ Drive directly over the EcoGrid without issue
▸ Patented interlocking connection system
▸ Can be relocated (“lift and relay”) for use on numerous sites

Held in stock and ready for overnight dispatch, EcoGrid can be on site the morning your project begins. It’s safe to say the best option is as a clear as day (not mud!), so get in touch now on 0151 639 4281 or, for quotes, specification advice or a general discussion with one of our landscaping experts.

When all’s said and done, this is the only mud we want:

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