Case Study: A Ravishing Resin Bound Stone Driveway with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Ravishing Resin!

Today we have a collection of step-by-step install pics that show some fantastic results…

This project was undertaken by Dan of Advanced Resin Solutions, part of our Approved Installer Network. Dan’s team chose resin bound stone on a EcoGrid E40 base to deliver a dazzling driveway to their customer.

Advanced Resin Solutions shared the following:

Total driveway makeover!

From a mix of grass and paving slabs to seamless perfection! A sub-base of EcoGrid and pea gravel was overlaid with resin bound stone to complete this superb looking 100m² driveway.

A remarkable addition to increase a home’s kerb appeal.

Everything went fine with the installation, we’ll be in touch next time we have a similar job.

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway with Resin Bound Stone

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway with Resin Bound Stone

Our resin bound stone is available in a range of aggregate types and colours to fit the look and feel of your intended surface. No matter the choice, the solution will be completely hydrophilic (allowing water to permeate through it), SuDS compliant, with no planning permission required.

What’s more, laying resin bound stone can be up to 60% quicker than similar surfaces!

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway with Resin Bound Stone

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway with Resin Bound Stone

Combine it with EcoGrid (the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving, in case you haven’t heard), as was done in this case, and the surface will benefit from improved ground stability and a high load bearing capacity.

The patented locking mechanism, unique to EcoGrid, ensures the permeable base has a load bearing capability of up to 800 tonnes per square metre and once the grid is locked in place, it stays in place!

Our grids are super easy to fit, eco-friendly and guaranteed for 20 years – once you install your nice new driveway it’s virtually maintenance free and will stand there for good as a long-term solution, not a short-term fix. 

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway with Resin Bound Stone

Smiles all round for yet another successful EcoGrid installation!   Smiles All Round

Want these same results on your driveway or other landscaping project? Get in touch today.

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