Grass, Yes! But There is Nothing Artificial about EcoGrid

Looking to revitalise your garden’s appearance? Fed up with the regular maintenance and inconsistency? Lawns are subject to all manner of trials, whether it be a family BBQ, intense weather, excited pets or playful kids; all these kinds of things damage grass and can leave the area looking worse for wear.

So, you’ve made the decision to get some artificial grass installed, ensuring your garden remains a vibrant green all year. Congratulations! Never again will you have to mow the lawn, stop it getting patchy or deal with weeds.


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But what happens when there’s a storm, or torrential rain?

The drainage qualities of artificial grass are, typically, lacklustre: run-off increases and the rainwater rapidly finds its way into drains, which can then result in urban flooding.

With front gardens, lawns and trees in general being cut down to make way for patios and block paving driveways across the nation, further increases in flooding risk are far from ideal.

Thankfully, EcoGrid Limited have the solution, combining the world leader of plastic porous paving with artificial grass to form a naturally draining ground reinforcement system that’s built to last.

EcoGrid Permeable Paving with Artificial Grass 

1. EcoGrid E40 offering a 20-year guarantee
2. 6 to 10mm sharp angular stone is the ideal size to compact into the cellular design
3. 10mm ShockPad ensures safe height falls for playgrounds and sports pitches
4. Artificial Grass
5. EcoGrid Flexible Edge in 45 or 60mm depths, including pins for securing

Artificial grass can be great. EcoGrid is great. Put them together and a brilliant, cost effective solution is found!

▸ 20-year guarantee, ideal for home owners whether user is thinking short or long term
▸ For playgrounds and sports pitches, the ShockPad :: EcoGrid combination provides a safe area for falls
▸ Drains into the ground naturally, therefore reducing the risk of urban flooding
▸ Comes as a complete kit from stockists all around the UK

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