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The Folly of Festival Flooding

Rain. We live in the United Kingdom; we should be used to rain. Yet year after year festivals both renowned and unknown suffer from serious flooding:

▶ Glastonbury 2016 was subject to flash floods and torrential downpours, and has long been a problem at the festival location: read more, also here.

▶ Download 2016 received enough rain to cause tents to be flooded, likely ruining customers’ experience and possible affecting future ticket sales: read more.

These are just two mainstream examples, but it’s no secret that bad weather can ruin a festival experience, resulting in would-be attendees opting for the comfort of their couch and coffee.


Below: Flooding at Glastonbury 2005

EcoGrid Blog - Festival Flooding


But what can be done to combat severe flash floods and typically English monsoons? Surely, considering how long these festivals have been running, a solution would already have been found?

Well, we thought so too.

EcoGrid Porous Paving offers a sustainable, ground reinforcement system which allows rainwater to drain into the ground via natural methods. Furthermore, the E50 model provides up to 800 tonnes of load bearing; the strongest porous paving grid in the world.

The renowned system helps to alleviate surface water run-off and flooding issues, whilst also providing durable footpaths and vehicle access routes. This can greatly reduce the impact of damages to ground and tent alike.


EcoGrid Blog - Festival Flooding


EcoGrid can be used in conjunction with artificial turf, gravel, grass or other loose fill materials. Take a look at our main website for more details, or buy online at our online retailer.

On average, one person can lay 100 square metres in an hour, making for rapid installation times. Skilled labour isn’t required as people often choose to re-surface their private driveways themselves and with great results.

Help prevent flash flooding the UK from ruining our festival experiences, and invest in the best porous paving grid system available today.

Feeling swamped? Let EcoGrid calm the storm – get in touch today…
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