Case Study: EcoGrid Installed in Sublime Spanish Patio

Today’s blog showcases the latest EcoGrid installation, with some radiant results!

A special thanks to Dave from Garden Maintenance 4U for sharing these before and after photos – Dave now has a very happy client on his hands after this one.

EcoGrid Blog - Spanish Patio Case Study

The project in Prescot, Merseyside involved removing and transforming the scruffy old deck pictured above.

New fencing was put in and painted a cool light green, white bark birch trees planted and (saving the best ’til last) EcoGrid permeable paving was layed to create a large patio area.

EcoGrid Blog - Spanish Patio Case Study

The grids were filled with Spanish white stone for the amazing finish you can get a glimpse of below.

But it’s not just the look alone – EcoGrid will ensure the surface is robust and load bearing capable of withstanding regular usage (handy because this looks like a nice spot for a garden party!), it’s easy to install and it’s free draining so effectively adds to flood risk prevention in a property.

Price is no barrier. Compared to flags and blocked paving, the client enjoyed massive savings using our solution.

EcoGrid Blog - Spanish Patio Case Study

We’d call that another successful EcoGrid installation!

You can get these results with your next project too – our experts are on hand, just get in touch

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