Case Study: EcoGrid Installed in Sublime Spanish Patio

Today's blog showcases the latest EcoGrid installation, with some radiant results! A special thanks to Dave from Garden Maintenance 4U for sharing these before and after photos – Dave now has a very happy client on his hands after this one. The project in Prescot, Merseyside involved removing and transforming the scruffy old deck pictured above. New [...]

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Permeable flood resistant car parks: The EcoGrid solution

Car parks, they really are ugly normally aren't they? They cost a lot to install, what with all those drains underneath, all that ugly Tarmac and concrete. Plus, when we get a really bad storm; the rainwater just runs off and creates flooding in the locality.  Of course, there is no alternative; we all know [...]

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EcoGrid Bloxx Case Study – A Spot of Trampolining!

The latest EcoGrid case study takes us to France... and trampolining! A garden area was recently transformed with the goal to turn this slippery clay area (below) into a robust surface capable of withstanding garden parties complete with a child's pool and even a trampoline.     Sounds like a job for our EcoGrid Bloxx solution - [...]

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Hard Shoulders: The EcoGrid solution

EcoGrid has long been used across Europe and beyond as a hard shoulder reinforcement material. Fully load bearing up to articulated lorry strength and fully permeable too. So why not use it to reinforce hard shoulders on motorways, escape routes and emergency access routes? EcoGrid is swift and simple to install. We even offer a [...]

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