EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary? EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary?

Warning: Substandard permeable paving is being offered out there which rolls out rather than locks together. That’s a unique way of doing it but cheap alternatives like this come with varying results.

Going this route for grass reinforcement needs is a bad idea as these solutions are NOT tried and tested to do their job for any extended period of time – they’re a “quick fix” at best. With these roll grass pavers in particular we’ve observed the pins coming up from the products as a result of cars driving on the surface.

Products like these require pinning down and eventually those pins can create a trip hazard.

The result? A health and safety nightmare waiting to happen!

Step in EcoGrid…

EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary?

Avoid the inevitable headaches and stress from inferior products by choosing the renowned EcoGrid porous paving – made from 100% recycled plastic, easy to install and maintain in a wide range of applications, with a patented interlocking system that’s capable of withstanding huge amounts of pressure.

The competition simply cannot say the same.

So, why go temporary? Our grids are designed to last and we back that up with a 20 year guarantee!

EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary?

EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary?

You won’t achieve quality, long-lasting results like these without EcoGrid.

Another copycat, this one more closely resembling our grids in appearance, has been spotted on sale in retail stores. Not only is this of questionable quality with far less durability and install capability, it’s also pricier!

The photo of the “wannabe” snapped below shows the cost of just one single paver.

EcoGrid Blog - Why Go Temporary?

Get the original, the real deal, the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving from EcoGrid Ltd!

To discuss your requirements with our team or one of our approved suppliers just get in touch now.

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