EcoGrid’s On A Roll – (Re)Introducing Securagrid For Ground Reinforcement & Stabilisation

EcoGrid Ltd is on a Roll!

(Puns always intended )

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Recently, EcoGrid Ltd have seen a great rise in the interest for their Securagrid, a biaxial geogrid made from bar structures, welded together to provide strong reinforcement qualities.

EcoGrid Blog - Securagrid

There are three types of Securagrid available: 20/20, 30/30 and 40/40. This versatility and range in load bearing capacities makes the product range suitable for basic pedestrian use such as tree root protection or heavy duty commercial car parks and airports.

EcoGrid Blog - Securagrid

Typically, Securagrid is recommended for use alongside a non-woven geotextile membrane such as NW8, or heavier, to provide a layer of protection.

EcoGrid Blog - Securagrid

The intelligent design of this geogrid ensures granules and particles are compacted into the mesh design, yet only partially penetrate the apertures. This creates a strong locking mechanism which increases the overall strength of the layer once installed. Since this benefits the surrounding soil greatly, a thick sub-base is no longer required, saving on labour time and costs. It’s also quick and easy to install.

Just some of Securagrid’s applications include…

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EcoGrid Ltd’s Securagrid is readily available for delivery to site or stock, just contact us for details. 

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