Bikes, Boots & Hooves – Protect the Ground Beneath with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

There is much debate as to whether it’s mountain bikers or hikers’ boots that cause more erosion to the land beneath them – but it’s clear from scientific research that both cause considerable damage. 

And that’s not getting started on horses’ hooves, scrambler bikes, vehicles, or even natural causes too.

Our last blog, Save our Summits, looked at EcoGrid being used to reinforce the ground in mountainous areas; this one will give you an idea of erosion control in all other applications too.

EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control
EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control

This is of particular concern to National Trust areas where land erosion is an ever-growing problem as a result of the year-round visitors to the Trust’s woods, wild parklands, trails and other sites across the UK.

Mountain bikes in particular are known to erode the land and subsequently cause damage to underlying tree roots. Whether it’s bikes, walkers, horses or anything else affecting the land, EcoGrid is the solution.

EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control
EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control

Our grids can be put to use both as a permeable paving surface for pedestrian / vehicular traffic and as a soil stabilisation / mud abatement grid in the prevention of erosion. Once installed a natural free draining surface is the result, and erosion will cease, as will wind damage to inferior pathways.

If the area in question isn’t flat but sloped, that’s no problem! Reinforcing embankments with a reliable system for erosion protection is often a talking point in landscaping, but EcoGrid meets all of the requirements.

EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control
EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control

How’s it done? An EcoGrid surface permanently holds back the forces of erosion with its self-stabilising safety locking system and over 200 expansion joints per square meter. That’s why EcoGrid, which is certified by the German TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association) as being environmentally neutral, is perfectly compatible with nature, despite its extreme durability.

After a few weeks installed the grids will be substantially turfed and fit in with their surroundings, blending into the natural scenery. EcoGrid offers immediate and permanent protection against erosion, which will only be strengthened over time by the formation of root networks beneath the vegetation surface.

No more damage to your land, no more restrictions on visitor activities. Our versatile ground reinforcement system is perfect for wooded areas off the beaten path (or on the beaten path) – it’s lightweight, simple install and easy to transport to use in hard-to-access areas removed from larger city centres.

EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control
EcoGrid Blog - Erosion Control

In summary, erosion of your outdoor area will be controlled and the ground reinforced.

Pathways incorporating the permeable grid are heavy duty yet gentle for the environment and can blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. Perhaps best of all, EcoGrid pathways will have zero surface drainage issues; the unrivalled permeability means no puddling or pooling, and no icing up in the winter.

So put your trust in EcoGrid to… 

  • Eliminate mud
  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Create a water permeable surface
  • Be lightweight & easy to install
  • Be kind to the environment
  • Resist chemicals
  • Never rot, crack or splinter
  • Stay maintenance free
  • Last for more than 20 years!

Get in touch to use the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving in your next project…EcoGrid Blog - Surface Cost Comparison

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