Save our Summits: EcoGrid for Erosion Control

Save our Summits!

An Arctic blast that hit the UK late last week left snowfall across many northern areas, including much of the Lake District in Cumbria, leading to travel disruptions.

EcoGrid - Save Our Summits Blog

While travel woes have largely subsided, the effects are still being felt in the Lake District’s famous mountains and fells, usually enjoyed by hikers and climbers who flock to the region in their thousands.

Snow being tread on and compacted by walkers in these mountainous areas and summits has led to eroded, boggy and hazardous land conditions.

EcoGrid - Save Our Summits Blog

Installing EcoGrid will ensure erosion is controlled and the ground reinforced.

Stocked in the UK and available now, our patented porous paving system is not only the best solution but the most cost effective too. We recommend the high strength EcoGrid E50 and S50 plastic grids to tackle erosion control, which can even be installed on sloping sites and comply with all exacting specifications.

EcoGrid - Save Our Summits Blog

The Lakes and other tourist hotspots would undoubtedly benefit from reinforced pathways to prevent future visitors facing these conditions, but EcoGrid’s complete load bearing reinforcement system can also be put to use in car parking areas, supply roads, emergency access routes, and many other outdoor applications.

Our grids are extremely easy to lay; they come pre-locked in sheets and securely clip together – just “lock and go”.

EcoGrid - Save Our Summits Blog

Can’t get our paving up to your summit? Why not fly it in via helicopter?!

Reinforce the ground, absorb ground water by introducing a permeable surface, improve aesthetics and reduce your maintenance costs all with EcoGrid! Get in touch with us today…
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