EcoGrid’s On A Roll – (Re)Introducing Securagrid For Ground Reinforcement & Stabilisation

EcoGrid Ltd is on a Roll! (Puns always intended ) Recently, EcoGrid Ltd have seen a great rise in the interest for their Securagrid, a biaxial geogrid made from bar structures, welded together to provide strong reinforcement qualities. There are three types of Securagrid available: 20/20, 30/30 and 40/40. This versatility and range in load bearing capacities makes the [...]

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The ‘Mane’ Attraction: New Style Horse Walkers With EcoGrid Permeable Paving

The New Style of Horse Walkers... You might be an equestrian expert, or you might not. You might have thousands of pounds to spend, you might not. You might have a veteran installation team, or you might not. Irrespective of any of these, EcoGrid Ltd can assist in finding the ideal solution, whatever application. The [...]

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Bikes, Boots & Hooves – Protect the Ground Beneath with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

There is much debate as to whether it's mountain bikers or hikers' boots that cause more erosion to the land beneath them – but it's clear from scientific research that both cause considerable damage.  And that's not getting started on horses' hooves, scrambler bikes, vehicles, or even natural causes too. Our last blog, Save our Summits, looked [...]

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Save our Summits: EcoGrid for Erosion Control

Save our Summits!An Arctic blast that hit the UK late last week left snowfall across many northern areas, including much of the Lake District in Cumbria, leading to travel disruptions. While travel woes have largely subsided, the effects are still being felt in the Lake District's famous mountains and fells, usually enjoyed by hikers and climbers who flock to the region in [...]

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