Introducing… EcoGrid Web Cell for Tree Root Protection

Web Cell: Another new addition to the EcoGrid product range!

EcoGrid Blog - New Web Cell

The EcoGrid Web Cell significantly improves the performance of confining and stabilising a drainage layer of stone by virtue of the system’s high strength network of inter-connecting cells, as pictured above and below.

This three dimensional system is an economic and effective solution to challenging soil stability problems in load support, slope, channel, shoreline protection, vegetative retention and all wall/earth retaining applications.

EcoGrid Blog - New Web Cell

The EcoGrid Web Cell grid comes in both 100mm and 200mm depth options of 31 square metre sections, pinned in place with our ‘J’ pins. An NW8 geotextile membrane is laid over the top in addition to a bedding for the load bearing EcoGrid tiles, whether they’re S50 grids for light/medium traffic or E50 for heavy duty traffic.

See the full product specification below.

EcoGrid Blog - New Web Cell

An ideal partner for use with the EcoGrid matrix system and tree root protection, the Web Cell provides a flexible and permeable solution for protecting tree roots while creating a strong stable surface for traffic too.

Its patented design and cellular structure reduces the vertical load pressure on tree roots and prevents damage. With no-dig solutions preferred in this field, our new product is ideal since only the surface vegetation has to be removed – that means there’s no disruption to the roots while installation time and money is saved.

EcoGrid Blog - New Web Cell

EcoGrid Blog - New Web Cell

Using EcoGrid Web Cell for tree root protection gives you all of these benefits and more:

• Reduces excavation depth
• Prevents subsoil compaction
• Prevents oxygen & nutrient depletion
• It’s environmentally friendly
• It’s easy and cost-effective to install

Get in touch with us to save time and money your next project, while overcoming soil stability problems, preserving trees, and ensuring you are compliant with urban development laws all at the same time.

EcoGrid Blog - Surface Cost Comparison

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