The Sun is Shining…

“the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet…”

But seriously, look outside! If you’re already outside, look up! Summer is only around the corner, Spring is in full swing and the sun is indeed shining. At least here in the dreary north west it is!

Such sweet weather offers the ideal opportunities to be working on domestic and commercial projects alike, either at home or on a contract. Perhaps a little garden maintenance, a quick driveway re-surface, or maybe a more involved project? Take a few minutes to look at some of the products I would personally recommend (just like the song I’d recommend above, if you know it).


EG80 Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane

Approved by EcoGrid Ltd, our newly released EG80 Membrane is available straight from stock and perfect for many different uses in the groundworks industry. Primarily designed for use as EcoGrid underlay, the fabric can also be used without the renowned grid, offering high quality separation and filtration properties.

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EcoGrid Blog - Sun is Shining; Geotextile Membranes


Steel Frame Recessed Manhole Covers

It’s common for recessed drain covers of small to average size to incorporate mild galvanised steel trays with polypropylene, black plastic frames. In many instances this is absolutely fine, but there are also some jobs where aesthetics is of key importance and the prominent black outline can be a pain. Not long ago, we introduced our SF range to give clients an alternative option; completely steel covers to offer a shiny, clean finish whatever the job.

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EcoGrid Blog - Sun is Shining; Manhole Covers


GrassTop Manhole Covers

Chances are you’ve heard us talk about these before. Well, there’s a good reason for that; they’re fab! Grass or turf, the 80mm+ tray can be filled instantly or seeded for growth, whereupon rainwater will drain naturally into the ground and plantation will prosper. GrassTops offer a never-seen-before solution to replace obtrusive covers in areas where appearance of key concern.

For similar applications using a loose fill material such as bark chippings or gravel, check out the EcoGrid GrassTops. These unique items utilise the cellular design of the world’s leading porous paving grid, reducing movement of the fill material under foot and tyre.

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EcoGrid Blog - Sun is Shining; GrassTops

I do hope at least one of these items has given you some idea on simple improvements and/or solutions that are readily available for you! Even if you’re not out working in the glorious sunshine, hopefully you can at least enjoy it like me (gulping coffee at my desk and gazing dreamily out the window).

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