Introducing… EcoGrid’s New Edging System

Introducing… “EcoGrid Edge”!

EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System


We’re proud to welcome the EcoGrid edging system as new addition to our product range.

This superb garden and landscape edging application is now available to the UK through EcoGrid Ltd. We can offer it in any quantity from one length to thousands of metres and you cannot get a neater finish with any other product of this type.

The “EcoGrid Edge” is totally flexible and can be used to create any curve or straight edge you may need. Featuring a unique sturdy place and pin fixture, the edge seamlessly joins to form a continuous line, great for use in conjunction with our existing EcoGrid permeable paving solutions or as a stand-alone product.

Just some of its key applications and features are listed here:

  • Resin bound stone edge retainer
  • Gravel driveway retainer
  • Grass driveway retainer
  • Stand alone garden edge for lawns and borders
  • Made from fully recycled products and is fully recyclable
  • L:750mm, H:60mm, D: 80mm
  • Black or green
  • Connectable

Whether the edging is used in parks, gardens, lawns, driveways, patios or anything other application it offers a crisp and distinctive look that gives a landscape defined separation, properly containing garden components. It’s easy and quick to install and shape, it’s safe and flexible, and it has lasting durability.

EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System EcoGrid Blog - New Edging System

These photos show off the “EcoGrid Edge” in action, put to use with stone, gravel and turf – in both straight and curved areas! Click any of them to get a closer look at the neat, amazingly-aesthetic finish.

You can achieve the same results in your garden. Get in touch with us today. 

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