Truck Grid…Grid for trucks?

Fork handles….no four candles!


Ecogrid is a lorry loading capable permeable plastic grid system able to not only withstand the point loading of fully laden articulated lorries but also able to take the lateral loading, or the forces on the grid system made when lorries turn in a tight circle.

Ecogrid E50 has a point loading of 40 tonnes and when filled, a spread loading of 800 tonnes, this is why it is the go to choive for any access road, lorry park or heavily trafficked car park for most authorities across Europe with over 15,000,000 units sold annually.


Ecogrid E50 is an ideal grid system for trucks. It has the folowing impressive credentials:

DIN 4102 – Approval emergency access routes, fire resistance
DIN 1072 – Approval for 40 tonne axle load, driveways, road extensions, bridges
DIN IN ISO 124 and B125 – Approval for car parks, access roads & storage areas
DIN 38412 Environmentally neutral, safe & tested OECD 202:2004
Complies with BS 5837:2012
Point axle loading up to 40 T/m², DIN 1072:1985
UV-resistant, certified DIN EN 60068-2-5
Heavy-duty, tried and tested DIN EN 124:2011
Factory warranty: 20 years from purchase date
NATO certified E50 – MOD / 9330-99-858-1406
CE approved
RAL approved and certified
TÜV Certification.


Ecogrid comes to site in palletised form 57 square metres to a pallet, making transportation costs effective. It arrives in rows on the pallet of 12 grids-pre-locked together making fitting swift and simple.


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We hold extensive UK stock, ready for same day despatch and have the capacity to supply over 8000 square metres per week. 



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