EcoGrid, the World’s No. 1 permeable paving, is made from recycled polyethylene – it meets all of the requirements of an environmentally neutral ground reinforcement system, with no soil sealing.

Laying our grids couldn’t be be easier and if necessary several thousand square metres of ground reinforcement can be laid in just one day! Once clicked into place, EcoGrid can prevent erosion by reinforcing the ground beneath and providing a porous surface to assist with ground water absorption.


EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology

Easy to install, cost effective erosion control is becoming increasingly important in landscaping and other applications – the high strength EcoGrid E50 and S50 plastic grids can be installed on sloping sites and comply with the exacting specifications associated with such areas.

They can be put to use in a wide range of tried and tested erosion control applications, such as:

  • slopes and embankments
  • ground terraces
  • dyke and bank slopes around still and moving water
  • slag heaps from mining or industrial sites

Aside from the obvious slope and embankment reinforcement, you’ll find our permeable paving used as a complete load bearing reinforcement system in the likes of: car parking areas, supply roads, emergency access routes, outdoor areas, temporary open spaces, zoos and animal enclosures.

EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology
EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology

So, how’s it done?

Once surfaces are prepared and levelled and you have our grids, which arrive pre-locked in sheets and can easily and securely clip together, EcoGrid can be laid at any angle or slope with our unique angled piece.

It can be laid directly on the soil or on a Geotextile Membrane (complete range of permeable, non-permeable, woven and non-woven membranes available), it can be pinned to hold securely (complete range of securing pins available), and it can be swiftly installed at 100 m² per man, per hour.

EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology

EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology

You’ll see all of these benefits (and more) when using landscape technology offered by EcoGrid:

  • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • Lightweight: 5-11 kg/m² depending on type
  • Flexible, high tensile strength
  • Certification under German TÜV quality system
  • Sustainability due to recycled plastic production
  • Weather, frost and UV-resistant
  • No soil compaction
  • Excellent area load distribution
  • High rainwater infiltration

Get in touch to use the unrivalled EcoGrid in your next landscaping and construction project.

EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology
EcoGrid Blog - Landscape Technology EcoGrid Blog - Surface Cost Comparison