Something New: Recessed Planter Trays

Introducing… Recessed Planter Trays!

EcoGrid Ltd is a long time supplier of Recessed Manhole Covers both from stock and factory.

Over the years, this range has grown from basic trays for tiling or paving, to include the renowned GrassTop and EcoGrid Grass/Gravel drain covers. Industry research, coupled with development of these unique products has greatly assisted EcoGrid Ltd in maintaining a strong foothold in the access cover market.

EcoGrid Blog - Recessed Planter Trays
(Above: initial plans received for Recessed Planter Trays)

Recently, EcoGrid Ltd were approached by del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture with a requirement for galvanised steel Recessed Planter Trays. Designs were provided and sent off to the factory. After some deliberation, double-checking and triple-checking, a proposal was put forward.

Efficient processing ensured a quick production and delivery, whereupon the trays were received and installed. Similar to the GrassTop range, the bespoke planter trays featured drainage perforations and specialist membrane for filtration. This enables the rainwater to drain naturally whilst plants will flourish.

Below you can see the complete installation. Now we’re just waiting for the plants to grow!

EcoGrid Blog - Recessed Planter Trays
EcoGrid Blog - Recessed Planter Trays

Like the look of these new trays? Get in touch to see what we can do for you…EcoGrid Blog - Surface Cost Comparison

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