Covering the Earth: EcoGrid Ltd Launches EG80 Membrane

EcoGrid Ltd prides itself both on the world leader of porous paving, EcoGrid, and the variety of quality accessories designed to accompany the grid system. From curving expansion joints to bay markers to angled hinges for steep gradients.

Geotextile membrane is one such product often required for separation from the sub-base, whilst also providing a little extra stabilisation. A collection of the grades available can be found on one of our sister sites,

Often, deciding upon the most suitable membrane for the job at hand can be a time consuming process.

EcoGrid Ltd have the solution! An 80gsm Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric; EG80.

EcoGrid Blog - EG80 Geotextile Membrane

To be specified and supplied alongside the renowned porous paving grid system, this will remove hassle and cost for both contractors and end users. Only in highly unorthodox applications will EG80 not be sufficient for the job, thanks mostly to the high load bearing capacity and durability offered by EcoGrid.

The EG80 Geotextile Membrane is in stock now – look here to buy or find out more.

For when heavy duty fabric is required, bear in mind EcoGrid Ltd offer a full range of non-woven and woven geotextile membranes, from 80 to 1000gsm.

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