Introducing… EcoGrid Web Cell for Tree Root Protection

Web Cell: Another new addition to the EcoGrid product range! The EcoGrid Web Cell significantly improves the performance of confining and stabilising a drainage layer of stone by virtue of the system's high strength network of inter-connecting cells, as pictured above and below. This three dimensional system is an economic and effective solution to challenging [...]

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The Sun is Shining on EcoGrid Products This Summer ūüĆě

The Sun is Shining... "the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet…" But seriously, look outside! If you're already outside, look up! Summer is only around the corner, Spring is in full swing and the sun is indeed shining. At least here in the dreary north west it is! Such sweet [...]

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Introducing… EcoGrid’s New Edging System

Introducing... "EcoGrid Edge"!   We're proud to welcome the EcoGrid edging system as new addition to our product range. This superb garden and landscape edging application is now available to the UK through EcoGrid Ltd. We can offer it in any quantity from one length to thousands of metres and you cannot get a neater finish [...]

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Truck Grid…Grid for trucks?

Fork four candles! Ecogrid is a lorry loading capable permeable plastic grid system able to not only withstand the point loading of fully laden articulated lorries but also able to take the lateral loading, or the forces on the grid system made when lorries turn in a tight circle. Ecogrid E50 has a [...]

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A Story in Pictures: EcoGrid Installation Complete at Royden Park, Wirral!

EcoGrid Installation Complete! A recent blog showed an in-progress EcoGrid installation at the picturesque Royden Park on the Wirral. We're pleased to report that the installation is now complete! As shown in the first look below, the site now has a shiny new Grass and Gravel-filled car park for visitors to the park. More specifically, that's an eco-friendly, porous car [...]

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Landscape Technology with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

¬† EcoGrid, the World's No. 1 permeable paving, is made from¬†recycled polyethylene ‚Ästit¬†meets all of the requirements of¬†an environmentally neutral ground reinforcement system, with no soil sealing. Laying our grids couldn't be¬†be easier and if necessary several thousand square metres of ground reinforcement can be laid in just one day!¬†Once clicked¬†into place,¬†EcoGrid can prevent erosion [...]

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Something New: Recessed Planter Trays

Introducing... Recessed Planter Trays! EcoGrid Ltd is a long time supplier of Recessed Manhole Covers both from stock and factory. Over the years, this range has grown from basic trays for tiling or paving, to include the renowned GrassTop and EcoGrid Grass/Gravel drain covers. Industry research, coupled with development of these unique products has greatly [...]

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Covering the Earth: EcoGrid Ltd Launches New EG80 Geotextile Membrane

Covering the Earth: EcoGrid Ltd Launches EG80 Membrane EcoGrid Ltd prides itself both on the world leader of porous paving, EcoGrid, and the variety of quality accessories designed to accompany the grid system. From curving expansion joints to bay markers to angled hinges for steep gradients. Geotextile membrane is one such product often required for [...]

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