Fully Utilise the Fully Galvanised

Driveways, patios, gardens, pathways; all common areas for manhole covers to be located. Often, when working on or resurfacing of these types of area, existing access covers and their frames will need replacing. This is quite a straightforward process. The tricky part is knowing what kind of cover to replace the existing model with.

First of all, you need to measure up correctly. Check out our recent guide on how to do that here.

If this new cover is being installed around your home or commercial property, aesthetics is paramount. It would be futile to completely resurface the entire patio just to drop a cast iron slab into the middle of it.

This is where our stellar range of paving trays comes in.

The SF. Astonishingly named thanks to its steel frame. Previously, fully galvanised recessed drain covers were only available with 100mm in the tray. This wasn’t ideal for shallow paver depths of 20 to 60mm as significant amounts of bedding were required.

As a result, only polypropylene plastic frames were available on the shallower options. Not really a problem, but for installations using lightly coloured stone, the black outer edge can stand out. Silver galvanised steel on the other hand, with a tapered edge rather than extruding flange, offers a subtler solution.

Dempsey Paving in Liverpool demonstrated just how effective this can be with a recent driveway, shown below.


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Our SF collection spans across two ranges of products; those for paving and those for internal tiling/screed in applications where odour prevention is a priority. They are marginally more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but still a bargain for the quality they offer.

As always just get in touch (all the details below) for advice on your next project.

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