Ice and Snow Problems?

As heavy snowfall descends on northern England today it’s a poignant time to talk about how permeable paving applications can mean it’s business as usual for firms and individuals who need not suffer snow.

EcoGrid Snow Blog

A sealed surface, like a parking lot, is destined to have problems in time of heavy rain, snow, sleet and ice! The snow begins to fall, it sits there until it melts and then stays in puddles until the temperature drops again and freezes. This then makes your road or parking area a nice ice rink until the weather warms again. 

If the parking area was permeable however, using EcoGrid for example (hint hint), after ploughing or melting the water will permeate into the aggregate fill or the grid. There is no pooling of water. No water will refreeze on the surface as the temperatures drops; there is no water. There is minimal need for rock salt.

Imagine…no salt…maintenance time saved, money saved, and a reduction of pollutants entering our waters.

EcoGrid Snow Blog

Permeability does not just benefit parking areas either! EcoGrid, as pictured above, makes for a perfect surface to keep your business up and running in weather stricken times.

Here in the EcoGrid factory we are using a plough to keep us operational in the worst of conditions. Our grid base enables the plough to effectively take all of the snow away and any leftover simply melts into the aggregate fill. 

Don’t suffer snow – contact us to start using our world-renowned porous paving with your next project.

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