Leicester City Highways Resin bound stone and Ecogrid permeable grids

After a successful CPD with Leicester City Highways, the Ecogrid base system for resin bound stone was adopted and their main contractor HMS Surfacing Ltd liaised with Ecogrid on supply and fitting. We met with Simon and Martin from HMS on site and went over the system which was all new to them as they had [...]

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Royden Park, Wirral: EcoGrid Installation In Progress for a Grass & Gravel-Filled Car Park

EcoGrid Installation in progress...Last week on social media we showed you all of this EcoGrid permeable paving being shipped off!     Specifically on those pallets were E40 grids on their way to provide an eco-friendly, porous car park.  The site in question? The prestigious Royden Park who have chosen EcoGrid for a new Grass and Gravel-filled car park installation, [...]

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Fully Utilise the Fully Galvanised

Fully Utilise the Fully Galvanised Driveways, patios, gardens, pathways; all common areas for manhole covers to be located. Often, when working on or resurfacing of these types of area, existing access covers and their frames will need replacing. This is quite a straightforward process. The tricky part is knowing what kind of cover to replace [...]

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Surface Cost Comparison: EcoGrid Proven To Be Most Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective Solution Long Term!

Surface Cost Comparison: EcoGrid Comes Out On Top!   Not convinced that EcoGrid permeable paving is a cost effective, long term solution for your surfacing job? Well, let the facts do the talking. Aesthetics are paramount for private driveways, patios and public areas. If something looks bad, it feels bad; it gives off a bad [...]

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Ice and Snow Problems Today? Save Time, Money & Frustration with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Ice and Snow Problems?As heavy snowfall descends on northern England today it's a poignant time to talk about how permeable paving applications can mean it's business as usual for firms and individuals who need not suffer snow. A sealed surface, like a parking lot, is destined to have problems in time of heavy rain, snow, sleet and ice! [...]

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EcoGrid…a game changer for permeable load bearing parking systems…why?

Ecogrid...a game changer for permeable load bearing parking systems...why?     We are often asked why a client should buy Ecogrid. Other grid examples are mentioned that are, on the surface, cheaper and appear to do the same job. This always appears to be the case, we are all aware of cheap Eastern European or [...]

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