GrassTops for Commonwealth War Graves Commission

In early 2014, EcoGrid Ltd supplied a single GrassTop Manhole Cover to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) as a trial product. With grass cemeteries and memorials being regularly maintained across the globe, appearance and precision are of high importance. Using a bespoke GrassTop allows for grass seed planting to match the surrounding surface, whilst enabling growth via rainwater drainage.

Approximately a year later, CWGC reported “excellent results” with the product and would like to fully utilise them in one of their French sites, Mazargues. There were a total of 22nr.

EcoGrid CWGC

The original covers (left) were rather unsightly and intruding, whereas the GrassTop (right) installed a year ago blends in and doesn’t prove a distraction.

Below is a selection of the new covers being installed; a very simple process just like the majority of manhole covers. These provide access to chambers where required.

EcoGrid CWGC


EcoGrid CWGC

To the right are four GrassTop covers which have been seeded. Eventually these will blend in perfectly with the grass surface. Small sections of the edges have been left visible for ease of access and lifting via the integral keys.

EcoGrid Limited have offered the unique GrassTop and EcoGrid recessed covers for several years due to their prominence for grass and gravel installations respectively. If you’d like to discuss or price for these products don’t hesitate to call 0151 639 4281 or email us on The full range from stock can be found here, though bear in mind we can fabricate access covers to any size required.

The spectacular Mazargues memorial is maintained to the highest standard, just like all CWGC sites, as you can see below. CWGC work tirelessly in their efforts, as you can see over on

EcoGrid CWGC

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