EcoGrid permeable paving for gravel retention – Heswall

Let’s show off a recent installation of EcoGrid by Heswall Landscaping on the Wirral; an installation benefiting from the gravel retention system EcoGrid brings to pathways, parking areas, and other applications.

Heswall Landscaping have been operating since 2001 and have built up a reputation based upon excellence, so it’s only right they’d choose a product to match their quality of work to date. 

EcoGrid Blog - Gravel Retention

You can get a glimpse of the installation process of this particular project, and its results, above and below.

The gravel retention of EcoGrid means that the gravel surface will be prevented from travelling and therefore give you neat separation like seen in these photos. Four different coloured grids are available for this type of application – black, green, terracotta, and light grey – to match them to the type of gravel used, if desired.


EcoGrid Blog - Gravel Retention

EcoGrid’s plastic flexible edging system has made for many a successful installation for our happy clients. For example, this can used down the sides of a driveway or similar application, to add extra gravel retention and separation between the surface and its borders. A great finish and no more mess!

Furthermore, our permeable paving grids are free draining (effectively adding to flood risk prevention of a property), possess high load bearing capacities, and installation wise are very easy to fit and tactile.


EcoGrid Blog - Gravel Retention

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