“Get A Grip – Don’t Slip!” Take the plunge on a bespoke manhole cover, NOT your floor

Get A Grip – Don’t Slip!

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How many times a day do you hear or see an advert for injury claims or lawyers? I would hesitate a guess at “too many”. Accidents at work happen, obviously, but nobody (perhaps apart from the people behind those annoying adverts) wants them to happen.

Did you know slips and trips cost companies over half a billion pound a year in claims? Quite a staggering amount and a discovery I only made recently. £512mil/year for people taking a tumble is not ideal for anyone!

Let’s do what we can to reduce that number, of course for the cost but primarily to provide a safer area for people to work in. Health and Safety should never be taken lightly.

It’s safe to assume one typically slips on a floor of some variety. Should anyone know of a person who’s slipped on a ceiling or wall I’d be fascinated to hear the story! Tiled floors, pavements, commercial kitchens, swimming pools, utilities, dressing rooms, school yards, playgrounds, factories, warehouses, car parks, etc – the list only continues for areas where manhole covers are commonly installed.

As you can see here, the Highways Agency acknowledged this growing concern in an updated version of HA104/09 for Chamber and Gully Tops. Many standard manhole covers are classed as having a medium to high potential for slipping (this applies to flush more than recessed). However, BBA tested the anti-slip surface with a result of 70, indicating a very low potential for slipping.

EcoGrid - Don't Slip Blog

These covers are made specially to order to meet specification, generally available with red, green, grey, black or brown non-slip surface. However, other colours can be produced if required. With quick turnaround times and delivery direct to site, the solution isn’t a long trip away!

So, if you’re considering using an anti-slip surface, working on a new installation or have suffered an accident at work, then get in touch with us today.


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