‘Tis the little things that count – finish your project with EcoGrid’s versatile range of accessories

‘Tis the little things that count…

Our EcoGrid is the best permeable paving product available in the UK and worldwide market, the longest produced grid, the longest guaranteed grid, the strongest grid, the most tested grid… but that’s all nothing we haven’t said a million times before.

For me what makes the real difference is the little things! These little things come in the form of our Accessories range:

Got a slope that needs covering, reinforcing, or just fancy a speed bump in the middle of your driveway? We have an angled piece just for that:

EcoGrid Blog - The Little Things Count


Need to make a curve in your drive/path, or fancy making lovely “S” shapes in your fire access path to keep the fire engine operators on their toes? We have a curve piece ideal for that too:


EcoGrid Blog - The Little Things Count


Need to mark an area out, make parking bays, or make a hash of trying to make a disabled bay sign? For the record we do have a guide on how to make a disabled sign out of the grid bay markers – but this clearly wasn’t followed on the below installation. More of an upside down question mark, but it gets the job done! ◕‿◕


EcoGrid Blog - The Little Things Count


I won’t go on with more examples but they can all be seen here from our soft matting to keep your horses healthy, right through to our edging piece to retain your gravel or resin finish for a tidy install.

The versatility of our accessories truly makes for an easy install and in most cases less waste on your job. Most grids will require a curve or the need to make a circular area; this involves hiring a circular saw and cutting the grids to suit your desired shape – the result is a lot of waste with the product, along with a less stable and less aesthetically pleasing end result.

It’s a similar situation with the angled piece. So, you have a severe slope on your driveway and need to reinforce the ground and retain a grass or gravel finish? Sure, you can just cut the grids and abut them where the angle meets the flat, but this is going to be one hell of a weak point in your install!

Nothing will be locked together where all of the pressure is being exerted on the grid. I can almost guarantee there will then be some slipping or lifting of an inferior grid. Easily solved with the angle piece, you simply click it onto the grid where your angle starts and then start your next row of grids; everything remains locked together and you will have no issues. The same theory applies to bank and verge reinforcement. 

We have 6 types of bay marker available; these too make for a nice professional install. They simply click into the grids to make bays or any pattern needed. I actually visited a car park with a permeable grid installed recently where they had painted the bays onto the grid filled with gravel. This looked awful for a start and as soon as any of the gravel moves around the paint is going to break down and move around, making one big mess.

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EcoGrid’s experts are always here to advise on your next project, just get in touch…


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