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Keep it Smooth!

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Having a driveway overhaul? Using a gravel surface? What about that manhole cover?

Gravel driveways are prevalent throughout the UK, especially in conjunction with sustainable paving systems. Manhole covers are also commonly found in private and commercial drives/entrances, typically 80-100mm deep. If that size recess is filled with loose gravel, it’s simply going to move and spread unevenly every time someone walks or drives over. Presumably, you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of your newly finished surface with uneven stone, nor do you want to constantly smooth it over. So what do you do?

This is where the EcoGrid Gravel Cover becomes your best friend. With a 40 or 50mm grid inside the manhole cover, the gravel is prevented from spreading elsewhere since it’s contained in the compartments. The EcoGrid is factory cut and fitted into the cover prior to dispatch so your workload doesn’t change either. It really is that simple.

EcoGrid Keep It Smooth Blog

Furthermore, EcoGrid features high load bearing capacities so there’s no worry about driving or parking on the grid-filled cover. Ideal for typical aggregates or resin bound stone, your quality surface will remain so for long durations and won’t need balancing out.

Each EcoGrid Gravel cover also allows water to drain through, just like our renowned GrassTops, reducing surface run-off and allowing the rainwater to drain through the ground as it should.

With a minimum of twelve different sizes available straight from stock and factory fabrication available, we’re guaranteed to meet your requirements. Get in touch today on…


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