Low excavation, totally permeable paving systems? EcoGrid – but not as we know it…

Low excavation, load-bearing, totally permeable, “any depth” paving systems

There are a great many expensive products out there that purport to be SuDS systems from permeable asphalt to permeable concrete, permeable tarmac to permeable concrete block paving. The one thing that binds them all is that they are not really environmentally friendly and they are pricey with it.

What if a client wants the aesthetic look of standard block paving, whilst remaining maintenance free and permeable, but with that permeability needed not just through the block but combined with a highly effective soakaway hidden beneath at a reasonable cost?

Answer: EcoGrid… but not as we know it (Scotty)!

EcoGrid can form a load-bearing soakaway/support layer under existing standard block paving to any level or depth without the need for expensive sub-base materials. The depth of the EcoGrid layer can be as little as 30mm or as much as 2 metres and beyond. Combinations of grid depths can be laid: 2 x 50mm grids (100mm wrapped soakaway), 4 x 40mm grids (160mm wrapped soakaway).

Installation is speedy and very simple and, what’s more, this is the cost effective solution compared with more expensive storm crated systems, plus the void level is greater, therefore the infiltration volume greater too.

EcoGrid Blog - Low Excavation

Total excavation for the above would be 400mm when using an EcoGrid product. Sub-base depths would vary according to the amount of EcoGrid layers, however the overall excavated depth would remain the same.

Ready to go ahead with your installation? Get in touch to discuss our solutions for a level, stable, yet drainable sub-surface beneath all types of paving. Our high quality, load-bearing, eco-neutral grids allow for minimal base excavation, saving on labour time and reducing your costs.

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