Muddy fields from flooding? Lawn in need of some reinforcement? EcoGrid kicks some grass!

EcoGrid for muddy fields – this installation kicks some grass!

Susie came to us with a problem on her field; it just kept flooding and bogging down in all this bad weather. Naturally our EcoGrid is perfect for the job – it’s just a case of installing it correctly with adequate drainage.

Have a look at this example EcoGrid installation in Cheshire. Problem solved.

Thanks for the pics, Susie!

EcoGrid - Muddy Blog


The same theory of reinforcing a grassed area can be carried over into many other applications too, such as fire and emergency access roads needed through fields / green areas. 

In instances where a grown established grass finish is needed immediately (no waiting for the grass to grow) we can supply pre-grown layers of EcoGrid so it is literally a case of dropping them into place and you have a reinforced green finish right there and then. Job done.


EcoGrid - Muddy Blog

We even have a solution available for when you find an unsightly manhole in the middle of your new reinforced grass area. GrassTop Manhole Covers are a perfect way to finish off your grassed area and come in a wide variety of sizes from stock or made bespoke to suit your own individual requirements.

EcoGrid - Muddy Blog


Muddy fields from all this rain? Lawn in need of some reinforcement? Ugly manhole cover sitting in your garden? Get in touch to see what we can do for you…


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