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Standing out from the Ground…

EcoGrid Blog - Standing Out from the Ground

The vast majority of non-woven geotextile membranes are a simple black or white, just like most underground products. However, some circumstances require a brighter layer of fabric, almost like making a “fashion statement” among the monotone layers of hardcore, aggregate and soil. There are many reasons for this, but we’re going to highlight two products in particular.

Inbitex Non-Woven

2016 has already seen a great demand for Inbitex in the UK and Ireland, with specifiers everywhere shouting out for the green fabric.

EcoGrid Blog - Standing Out from the Ground

Inbitex is a thermally bonded, non-woven geotextile which is used for separation and filtration properties in ground applications, particularly in areas of oil contamination. The key function of this product is to remove harmful pollutants and hydrocarbons within the rainwater or surface water as it’s filtering through the ground.

To do this, the Inbitex provides an area of refuge for micro-organisms which naturally digest hydrocarbons via their natural growth. They have the capacity to degrade 400g of hydrocarbon per annum, which is quite an impressive feat. Furthermore, non-biodegradable metals are also trapped in the layer course, providing optimal water cleanliness.

On occasions when stock cannot be sourced, Geotextile Membranes and EcoGrid Ltd offer Multitrack SP. Although not as fancy in colour, this product provides the exact same functionality at much more pocket-friendly prices. It’s also available direct from stock on 1 to 2 working day lead times, eliminating the issue currently surrounding Inbitex specification and lack of ability to source.

Hi-Vis Non-Woven

Nothing gives off a warning like the warm red and orange tones of nature; red berries, orange insects, yellow snow. So, when workers need to be alerted to something in the ground, our Hi-Vis Non-Woven offers the perfect solution.

EcoGrid Blog - Standing Out from the Ground

This geotextile fabric is typically used in areas of contaminated soil to prevent migration of the minerals into currently non-contaminated ground. With upward movement of the contaminated soil particles blocked, the above layers are safe. In addition, the bright orange warns any future site workers and contractors that they should not excavate past this point without the correct safety equipment and knowledge.

Do note that different kinds of contamination can require different products; there isn’t necessarily a “catch all”, so please contact us now if you’d like to discuss current or future projects and brighten up your day.


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