Case Study: Driveway Installation Perfected Using 2 of EcoGrid’s Premier Products

Case Study: Wirral Driveway installed with EcoGrid, extended utilising EcoGrid’s versatile flexible edge


 EcoGrid - Wirral Driveway Blog


Dave from Garden Maintenance 4 U ( initially came to us as he had taken on a large prestigious driveway project in the Wirral area. The client wanted gravel due to the driveway size but wanted a good long term finish.

We advised using our EcoGrid E40 (40mm) deep grid on the whole area as a means to retain the decorative gravel being used on the driveway. The grid offers many benefits versus just pouring the gravel down:


  1. Better ground stability over the long term, stops areas sinking / general rutting where the traffic is heavier.
  2. Retains the gravel – this is the key to a good gravel driveway, so many times gravel is laid and levelled and it looks great for the first 10 minutes until someone dares to take a car onto it. As soon as the gravel gets heavy foot traffic of vehicles it all moves around, collects in areas and gets spread all over the road/pavement by the entrance. Cars have even been known to get stuck in the deeper sections…

    EcoGrid - Wirral Driveway Blog

    The grid alleviates all these problems as the gravel settles in its cellular structure and is kept fully in place. You have the choice then to leave it just filled for a completely maintenance free finish or go slightly over and hide the grid. Going slightly over is still pretty much maintenance free.

    EcoGrid - Wirral Driveway Blog

  3. It’s fully recycled, eco-friendly and guaranteed for 20 years. Once you install your nice new driveway it’s there for good and will give you a long term solution.


One of the bits Garden Maintenance 4 U had most success with was our plastic flexible edging system. Dave had a use for this all down both sides of the drive to add extra gravel retention and separation between the driveway and the borders, as can be seen below.

In fact, Dave was so pleased with the outcome he recently contacted us to share a testimonial.


EcoGrid - Wirral Driveway Blog


This is just one example of where EcoGrid excels in both product quality and more importantly the variety of accessories that make it an easy and long lasting solution.

You can achieve the same results, just get in touch…

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