Introducing… Multi-Part Manhole Covers!

Multi-Part Manhole Covers

EcoGrid Blog - Multi-Part Manhole Covers

In some circumstances a single manhole cover, although perhaps ideal, is not suitable. This is particularly the case for large chambers utilising a recessed cover which then needs filling with flags or paving, because the unit will be far too heavy to lift and access.

So, how do you solve the problem?

At EcoGrid Ltd we offer stock and bespoke multi-part manhole covers for precisely these scenarios. These are frames that incorporate several trays, meaning one or two people can lift each tray individually to provide access into the chamber.

A basic example of this can be found on one of our websites here. This particular model, over 1.2m in length, allows for both trays to be lifted individually when using correct lifting keys.

Of course, a two-part cover is simple enough, but what happens when you need access on a much larger scale? Well, see below.

EcoGrid Blog - Multi-Part Manhole Covers

This is a nine-part GrassTop cover fabricated to a client’s needs and shipped directly to site. It incorporates removable support beams which slide out if necessary, and however many trays needed can be temporarily moved for access to the chamber below.

Not a lot more needs to be said: forget the heavy lifting, we’ll do the hard work for you. Before manufacture begins (if a bespoke production is chosen) we send complete drawings so you can check everything is to your satisfaction.

EcoGrid Blog - Multi-Part Manhole Covers

So forget about the injury lawyers and give us a call before you break your back (figuratively, please) trying to fix the issue.

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