“Get A Grip – Don’t Slip!” Take the plunge on a bespoke manhole cover, NOT your floor

Get A Grip – Don't Slip!How many times a day do you hear or see an advert for injury claims or lawyers? I would hesitate a guess at "too many". Accidents at work happen, obviously, but nobody (perhaps apart from the people behind those annoying adverts) wants them to happen. Did you know slips and [...]

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Win FREE Tickets, Courtesy of EcoGrid & RainCatcher!

Win FREE concert tickets on us – here's how...   We're giving away 2 tickets to see Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra (plus support) at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room next month. One of the most industrious bands in the UK roots circuit, Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra play their own brand [...]

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‘Tis the little things that count – finish your project with EcoGrid’s versatile range of accessories

'Tis the little things that count… Our EcoGrid is the best permeable paving product available in the UK and worldwide market, the longest produced grid, the longest guaranteed grid, the strongest grid, the most tested grid… but that's all nothing we haven't said a million times before. For me what makes the real difference is the little things! [...]

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Keep it Smooth! – EcoGrid Gravel Covers give your new driveway the finish it deserves

Keep it Smooth! Having a driveway overhaul? Using a gravel surface? What about that manhole cover? Gravel driveways are prevalent throughout the UK, especially in conjunction with sustainable paving systems. Manhole covers are also commonly found in private and commercial drives/entrances, typically 80-100mm deep. If that size recess is filled with loose gravel, it's simply [...]

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Low excavation, totally permeable paving systems? EcoGrid – but not as we know it…

Low excavation, load-bearing, totally permeable, "any depth" paving systems There are a great many expensive products out there that purport to be SuDS systems from permeable asphalt to permeable concrete, permeable tarmac to permeable concrete block paving. The one thing that binds them all is that they are not really environmentally friendly and they are [...]

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Muddy fields from flooding? Lawn in need of some reinforcement? EcoGrid kicks some grass!

EcoGrid for muddy fields – this installation kicks some grass! Susie came to us with a problem on her field; it just kept flooding and bogging down in all this bad weather. Naturally our EcoGrid is perfect for the job - it's just a case of installing it correctly with adequate drainage. Have a look at this example [...]

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Standing out from the Ground – Geotextiles to make a statement

 Standing out from the Ground... The vast majority of non-woven geotextile membranes are a simple black or white, just like most underground products. However, some circumstances require a brighter layer of fabric, almost like making a "fashion statement" among the monotone layers of hardcore, aggregate and soil. There are many reasons for this, but we're [...]

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What makes EcoGrid the best product in the world for permeable paving?

What makes EcoGrid the best product in the world for permeable paving? We are often asked why a client should buy EcoGrid. Other grid examples are mentioned that are, on the surface, cheaper and appear to do the same job. This always appears to be the case; we are all aware of cheap Eastern European [...]

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Case Study: Driveway Installation Perfected Using 2 of EcoGrid’s Premier Products

Case Study: Wirral Driveway installed with EcoGrid, extended utilising EcoGrid's versatile flexible edge       Dave from Garden Maintenance 4 U (Garden-Maintenance-4U.co.uk) initially came to us as he had taken on a large prestigious driveway project in the Wirral area. The client wanted gravel due to the driveway size but wanted a good long term finish. [...]

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Introducing… Multi-Part Manhole Covers!

Multi-Part Manhole Covers In some circumstances a single manhole cover, although perhaps ideal, is not suitable. This is particularly the case for large chambers utilising a recessed cover which then needs filling with flags or paving, because the unit will be far too heavy to lift and access. So, how do you solve the problem? [...]

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Why Become an EcoGrid Approved Installer?

Happy New Year! The EcoGrid offices are open and normal service has resumed ‒ we hope you had a great break! Further to our blog prior to Christmas about joining EcoGrid's Approved Installer Network, we're back to give you more details as we aim to expand our approved contractor network into every county through 2016. Why EcoGrid? EcoGrid Ltd hold UK and [...]

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