Still Gabbing About Gabion Baskets!

Still Gabbing About Gabion Baskets!

You may recall our recent blog post regarding the premise and benefits of gabion baskets, utilising the wire mesh products for a variety of applications. If not, take a look here.


EcoGrid Blog - Still Gabbing about Gabion Baskets

Well, we’re still talking about them!

From garden displays to retaining walls and erosion control for landslide prevention, gabion baskets offer time-tested solutions for many different applications. However, are you aware of the various specifications available to meet all these requirements?

the Metal Finish…

Our standard gabions are galfan (or galmac) coated – a 95% zinc, 5% aluminium combination – which has a lifespan four times longer than the regular galvanised steel; 60 years in total. These are European sourced as the finish is unavailable in the UK, unless one opts for a cheap import from another continent, thereby taking a high risk of rusting or splitting within a short period of time. Between ourselves and our partners, the number of end users who quickly became dissatisfied with knock-off prices are becoming too high to tally. The age-old saying that we often bounce around comes to mind:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

The recognisable quality of galfan coated gabion baskets is used for the majority of projects. However, in circumstances of polluted water or coastal areas we recommend the PVC coated option instead. This green coating adds an extra layer of protection to combat the corrosive salt breeze that occurs on shorelines etc.

EcoGrid Blog - Still Gabbing about Gabion Baskets

the Budget Option…

It’s no rare instance when a client has to meet a tight budget and when taking into consideration the gabion cost, labour, fill materials and surrounding fill the cost can rapidly accumulate. To save time and money for customers we offer crafted partitions as seen below.

These ‘separation baskets’ enable the front, visible section of the gabion to be filled with decorative stone, providing the ideal visual. Behind the partition, cheaper material such as rubble. This can half the fill material cost for your project. Our partition baskets are manufactured in the same manner as our standard gabions to ensure top, reliable quality.


EcoGrid Blog - Still Gabbing about Gabion Baskets

the Quick Link…

“How do you keep all the gabion baskets linked together?” Unlike some, we provide sufficient lacing wire for every gabion order we dispatch. This ensures a quick and efficient assembly at no extra cost. The wire is delivered as a coil within the same package.

Another alternative are helicoil springs. At a slight additional cost one can save fortunes in both time and money spent on the installation since one helicoil connects four gabion panels in one go! Although more visible than the standard lacing wire, this aesthetic effect has proven to be quite popular to many customers.

EcoGrid Blog - Still Gabbing about Gabion Baskets


the Specialist Selection…

As well as all these options available direct from UK stock, we can fabricate gabion baskets to meet your requirements! Rather than making your project fit around the gabion specification, ensure you get the result you want by having gabions manufactured according to your needs. Things to bear in mind for this include:

  • overall size (typically 0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55m)
  • aperture size (typically 76.2 x 76.2mm)
  • wire thickness (typically 3-4mm)

We do hope this provides some useful insight to the world of gabions and rest assured, we’re not done gabbing about them yet; and nor are our customers!

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