KISS: Keep Infiltration Systems Simple

KISS: Keep Infiltration Systems Simple

There are a great many infiltration ideas out there, all claiming to be ‘The One’, mainly based on potential sales value prized against actual practicality or cost.

CBP: Concrete Block Paving

A product laid on a suitably free draining base, concrete sets with over-sized nibs or gaps in the block. It is a matter of conjecture whether the gaps in the blocks will silt up over time and infiltration capability may be inhibited.

Permeable asphalt

Expensive to install, expensive to purchase and not exactly environmentally friendly. It is well observed that these types of systems have a ‘shelf life’.

Permeable concrete

Again expensive to install, purchase and not environmentally friendly.

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And then there was EcoGrid!

When needing a cost effective method of surfacing that allows a good level of infiltration, modern infiltration trenches employ stacked/connected plastic crates or tunnels, wrapped in permeable geotextile membrane, so that the system ‘soaks up’ water and allows it to dissipate slowly into the water table.

That’s where EcoGrid comes in – plastic grids stacked on top of each other. Our EcoGrid range comes in 30/40 and 50mm depths, so what’s offered are infiltration trenches that are both load bearing and modular to various depths, reducing the risks associated with surges and flooding which are becoming ever apparent.

Here’s a look at our various surfacing options on offer.

Grassed paving

Grassed plastic load bearing grids are laid on a ‘root friendly’ sub-base and are filled with a 70/30 soil and sharp sand mix then either turfed or seeded. Grass parking is ideal when mixed with concrete or block paving for a highly aesthetic finish that combines both the traditional and the modern.

This example shows an infiltration system with a grassed EcoGrid top – a grass filled, load bearing solution that can easily take the weight of anything from a person to a lorry, making for cost effective and invisible infiltration.

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Concrete block

With concrete interlocking block paving, infiltration rates of the top-surface are greatly improved if there is a definitive gap or infiltration trench underneath. An ideal way of achieving this is to use EcoGrid permeable paving in conjunction with concrete block; once again combining both traditional and modern technology.

Concrete block can easily be amalgamated with EcoGrid load bearing tiles, as in this example, making for a simple and cost effective combination of two paving mediums.

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Gravel parking

EcoGrid is a long tried and tested gravel grid – gravel parking systems using EcoGrid can have loading capabilities of up to 800 tonnes per square metre, therefore capable of taking the load of the largest of vehicles. Filtration levels are also very high with this method of surfacing.

In comparison, gravel filled grids can be attractive methods to improve surface water infiltration, assuming they are actually fit for purpose – flimsy thin plastic honeycomb sheets will not stand up to the rigours of use, and grids that do not have a sturdy clipping mechanism can easily come apart causing health and safety issues.

Resin bound stone

EcoGrid Resin bound stone is our new solution to provide a highly aesthetic surface for your home or business premises, installed internally or externally to provide a surface that’s both robust and load bearing, while also fully permeable. This means that any water that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the EcoGrid base system to naturally dissipate into the water table.

Our Resin bound stone solution is quick and easy to install due to being lightweight, with low transport/handling costs, and ensures a high load capacity (up to 800 t/m² filled). It’s also environmentally friendly and resistant to frost and UV radiation. The example installation shown below is for a driveway.

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At 60% of the cost of tarmac, tried and tested for 2 decades, certified by major European testing houses, and backed up with a 20 year guarantee; choose the unrivalled EcoGrid and keep infiltration systems simple!

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