Story Time: Beware The Sub-Standard Products!

It’s story time in today’s blog…

EcoGrid Story Time Blog

We won’t mention names here as it’s not this isolated case that matters, it’s the principle that’s important.

We quoted a lady for some grid, resin & stone. Essentially the basics of our Resin Bound Stone Kits that we supply all the time. She purchased the grid and laid it all fine in preparation for the resin top layer.

Unfortunately, it’s the lady’s sourcing of the resin where it all falls apart, as rather than take our advice and choose a UV stable, time served, proven product she was hoodwinked into choosing a sub-standard product. Not only a sub-standard product though, a product by a company less than 12 months old with no history, no guarantees, no likelihood of any ongoing support after she has parted with her money!

EcoGrid Story Time Blog

What she fell for was the classic pushy sales person patter with a million promises and false claims of grandeur. I would caution against taking anything verbally as set in stone (pardon the pun) – always look for documentation to back up what’s being said.

It’s a shame for her. I would always advise going and doing some due dill on the company you are dealing with for any major purchase. As mentioned in some of our other blogs: has the product got history, is it guaranteed, is there any post sale backup available? Lots of things are not immediately apparent and sometimes a little bit of research is needed.

With the unrivalled EcoGrid you can be 100% sure that…

  • Our grid has been produced for over 21 years and is guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Our resin has been produced for much longer than that and has a 15 year guarantee.
  • Our stone is sourced from the best quarry and is always kiln dried and bagged ready for immediate use.

We have many, many case studies on our installs and the lifespan of the products. This recent blog entry – Products that stand the test of time: Installation at New Market Racecourse – shows a prime example.

We have testing certificates from the main European testing houses to certify the quality and loading ratings of our products. Don’t settle for less. Look no further than EcoGrid.

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