Still Gabbing About Gabion Baskets!

Still Gabbing About Gabion Baskets! You may recall our recent blog post regarding the premise and benefits of gabion baskets, utilising the wire mesh products for a variety of applications. If not, take a look here.     Well, we’re still talking about them! From garden displays to retaining walls and erosion control for landslide [...]

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KISS: Keep Infiltration Systems Simple

KISS: Keep Infiltration Systems Simple There are a great many infiltration ideas out there, all claiming to be 'The One', mainly based on potential sales value prized against actual practicality or cost. CBP: Concrete Block Paving A product laid on a suitably free draining base, concrete sets with over-sized nibs or gaps in the block. [...]

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Join EcoGrid’s Approved Installer Network

We Want You... The specialist team here at EcoGrid are looking to broaden our approved installer network to ensure our ever expanding client base receives the best possible level of service, enabling our offering to continue to be from conception to completion wherever needed. For more information on the scheme be sure to get in touch [...]

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Story Time: Beware The Sub-Standard Products!

It's story time in today's blog... We won't mention names here as it's not this isolated case that matters, it's the principle that's important. We quoted a lady for some grid, resin & stone. Essentially the basics of our Resin Bound Stone Kits that we supply all the time. She purchased the grid and laid it [...]

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Spoilt for Choice: Find the Right Finish for your new EcoGrid manhole cover

  The Right Finish… You may or may not be aware but there are around seven different main materials used in the production of manhole covers. They are the following: black polypropylene galvanised steel cast/ductile iron brass stainless steel (grades 304 & 316) aluminium glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)   Cast & Ductile Iron The vast majority [...]

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Products that stand the test of time: EcoGrid Installation at New Market Racecourse

Products that stand the test of time – New Market Racecourse     We recently had an enquiry for a grass reinforcement project that required grassed areas to be made suitable for driving on by all manner of vehicles for a small proportion of the year and to look like a normal grassed area the [...]

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Sacrificing Quality for Cost: Resist the temptation of cheaper manufacturing — here’s why

Sacrificing Quality for Cost… it worthwhile? Specifically, I refer to sourcing products from other corners of the world in an effort to cut down on overheads, whilst simultaneously reducing the quality of product you offer. EcoGrid is German, our manhole covers are UK manufactured and our geotextile membranes are mostly produced in Belgium/Europe. On [...]

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