Make Emergency Access Roads compulsory for all municipal buildings and sports grounds!!


Last weekend while watching my sister take part in a county level ladies rugby match, 3 girls ran into each other right at the back end of the pitch, located in the bottom corner of a large field like this one.


EcoGrid Blog - Emergency Access Roads


One girl was unharmed, one suffered a split eyebrow and walked to seek assistance with the medics, but the poor third girl was knocked out and suffered some neck injuries.

The game was called off, an ambulance called and the girl covered up and made as comfortable as possible. As with all things there was a moderate wait… then all hell broke loose! We had one emergency response car, another, a full ambulance, then strangely an incident response unit offloaded from the back of a trailer.

This was an impressive response but frankly none of the services could get within 100 metres of the poor girl. It took quite a long time to get her on a board and across a rough uneven surface, not ideal with a neck injury. No fault of the emergency services, they did their job just fine!

All that was needed was a 2-3m wide track to the side of the field or surrounding the field and there would have been full access to any point suitable for all the ambulances and the incident support trailer.


EcoGrid Blog - Emergency Access Roads


Hard standing access roads, fire access and site access problems can be easily rectified.

A vehicle width track can be installed in our EcoGrid wherever needed and provides a solid load bearing surface that is still in keeping with the look of the surrounding areas. You can see from the above lorry parked on some of our grid that it truly is as if you have a proper roadway but it looks like a traditional grassed finish.

Problem solved! And a potentially lifesaving move!

Nothing surpasses EcoGrid S50 or E50 for a solid access road over a grassed area.