Credit Card Fraud: Is it really safe for small businesses to take card payments?

Credit card fraud and small businesses taking card payments   OK, so we all take credit card payments over the telephone or online, but how can we ensure that we will actually retain the money? Case in question: Real events. In early November, we received a telephone request from a client for 20 rolls of geotextile [...]

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Photos: See the results of a freshly installed, fully permeable car park using EcoGrid

Ysgol Dewi Sant – A nicely installed porous paving install, now complete!     EcoGrid E50 has been used to create this great looking fully permeable car park. Over 50 parking bays have been installed with our raised bay markers and 5 disabled bays using our new yellow raised markers.     The pictures speak for themselves [...]

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EcoGrid: Solutions for the Yorkshire Marathon

Here, we were approached by Run For All with a problem. The natural ‘flow’ of marathon runners was disrupted when they came to speed humps along the course. The council would not allow the humps to be removed, therefore a solution needed to be found. Run for all contacted EcoGrid for help. In order to [...]

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Surface Water Drainage: Could you be eligible to reduce your water bill?

Could you be eligible to reduce your water bill? We're talking "surface water" today and if you're wondering what that is, it's just rainwater - whether it's falling on the ground, on roads, on roofs, on pavements, etc - that ultimately ends up in public sewers. In this blog you'll see why drainage of that rainwater from your property could [...]

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Business surface water charges, EcoGrid has the answer-Don’t pay any!

Business site area charging At EcoGrid, we are often asked if our system can be used to eradicate surface water charges. The simple answer is ‘yes’. We have a complete range of grids that have different loading capacities suitable for anything from domestic pedestrian traffic to a lorry park turning area or exterior warehouse. How [...]

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EcoGrid, indestructible? If the MOD can’t destroy it, nobody can.

EcoGrid, indestructible? Our EcoGrid is the strongest, most reliable grid available. We know this, but there is no better way to show it than with the stress and heavy use the MOD put it under!    They've used it for many applications; from simple pathways over the loose sand and stone, to helipads and tank tracks. [...]

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Double the Product, Half the Work! Introducing “CombiGrid” to the EcoGrid Range

Double the Product, Half the Work Introducing the EcoGrid Securagrid Biaxial Geogrid & Multitrack NW8 Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane Combination! Or, as we call it, CombiGrid. As you might have guessed, the CombiGrid is a joint force of two of our premier products; by welding non-woven geotextile between the geogrid reinforcing bars, all qualities provided by [...]

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EcoGrid Resin Bound Stone: an aesthetic, robust & permeable surface for your home or business

EcoGrid Resin Bound Stone is our new and effective way of providing a highly aesthetic surface for your home or business premises, installed internally or externally to provide a surface that's both robust and load-bearing, but also fully permeable. This means that any water that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the [...]

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The Baffling World of Badging – Correctly Specify a Manhole Access Cover

For those unfamiliar with the process, specifying the correct manhole cover job can be more difficult than one initially expects. How then, can you ensure the correct products are quoted, manufactured and supplied in conjunction with a complex list of requirements? At EcoGrid and Recessed Manhole Covers this is a task we complete daily on the client's behalf. [...]

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Emergency Access Roads: Let’s make them compulsory for all municipal buildings & sports grounds

Make Emergency Access Roads compulsory for all municipal buildings and sports grounds!!   Last weekend while watching my sister take part in a county level ladies rugby match, 3 girls ran into each other right at the back end of the pitch, located in the bottom corner of a large field like this one.   [...]

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Internal Manhole Covers that won’t ruin your flooring – Look no further than EcoGrid

  Have you ever needed an internal manhole cover but struggled to find a product that doesn't ruin your expensive flooring? It's an enquiry we receive often at EcoGrid Ltd and Recessed Manhole Covers, taking pride in offering a wide array of solutions for contractors and end users alike. One customer favourite is without doubt the Aluminium [...]

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