Standard Horse Riding Arena vs. EcoGrid Enhanced Arena – Which one wins the hurdle?

Standard manège / horse riding arena – vs. – EcoGrid enhanced arena.

Standard manège (menage) construction basics are usually a case of excavating down, laying a sub base of compacted stone, laying a thick geotextile membrane, then laying and rolling your finish material above that. This is ok, it’s tried and tested to a certain extent, but it has its drawbacks.

EcoGrid (EcoRaster in Europe and North America) is the market leading recycled plastic grid used for equestrian purposes. The grid (pictured below), 40-50mm deep depending on your application, is installed after your geotextile membrane and before your chosen riding surface. It adds many benefits to your standard arena:


EcoGrid S50


1. Ground Stability – you can use less of a compacted stone base saving on some excavation.

2. Less Geotextile – strictly not less geotextile membrane but you use a thinner (much cheaper) fabric between your stone and finish. This is because the EcoGrid prevents the horses from going anywhere near the finish so the fabric is there mainly as some extra stability and weed prevention.

3. Increased Drainage – The EcoGrid when filled with sharp stone or sand adds a 40-50mm efficient drainage layer to your arena, immediately below the surface. This keeps the surface perfect for riding all year round.

4. Increased Surface Stability – The unique cell structure and the flexibility of EcoGrid S50 all work together to prevent the surface moving around and gathering in certain areas.

5. Safer – The flex you get from S50 is just enough. It’s not like riding on a trampoline by any means; it is a very marginal flex that absorbs hard impacts and keeps rider and horse safe.


EcoGrid Enhanced Horse Arena


We could go on but the above are just some of the key benefits.

Don’t get us wrong; an arena constructed with EcoGrid is going to cost slightly more – there is no avoiding that. The increase in cost is negated in part by a shallower dig/stone layer, a much cheaper membrane and less surface needed. Our grid is also guaranteed for 20 years; with the grid protecting anything below it your only ongoing costs should be topping up your chosen surface if needed. No replacing membranes every few years!

If the above doesn’t convince you that you need EcoGrid for your arena have a look at some of our testimonials below on how the EcoGrid riding arenas are far superior and worth the investment. The testimonials were provided to EcoGrid at this year’s Scope Festival.


In the Alexander’s Horseboxes 1.45m big tour:

Emily Fenton Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Much better than anything else in this country

Christie Pritchard Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Best temporary surface she has jumped on

Pippa Godard Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Loved it because it does not move under your feet

Simon Buckley Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Jumped very well, very good

Anastasia Gamazova (Russia) Quote Symbol - Testimonials
It’s really good, more like surfaces in Europe more bounce and push

Angelic Von Essen (Sweden) Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very very good as I have a powerful horse, a little sticky for smaller less powerful horses

Lucinda Roach Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Very good and uniform to jump on

Emma Stoker Quote Symbol - Testimonials
Fantastic, best she has ridden on


Look out for our next blog instalment for how to make your turn-out paddock mud free!


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