The bitterness of poor quality…….

Remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten Buy cheap and pay twice, below are a few examples of other products failing These cheap grids simply came apart with vehicles turning These cheap, larger style grids were affected by the sun and buckled under strain These grids simply collapsed and snapped under the [...]

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Alexanders Horseboxes sponsored Scope festival of showjumping testimonials

We took some trouble to ask a selection of riders at the recent Scope festival of showjumping sponsored by Alexanders Horseboxes. All the comments were gratefully received and positive about the excellent surfaces that Equestrian surfaces had put on to Ecogrid permeable ground stabilisation grids. The team worked well and the response speaks for itself! [...]

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Traditional Manege costs v an Ecogrid surfaced manege

Traditional Manege construction (Based on an average 1200 sqm) Woven geotextile membrane as base layer £361.20 300mm of clean stone for drainage layer £10,800 Non-Woven geotextile surface layer £2,535.60 6 rolls tape for the above £44.34 Not considering tread layer and installation costs £13,740.94 Total cost per square metre £11.45 Ecogrid Manege construction (Based on [...]

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