Get a complete resin bound stone kit from Ecogrid Limited today!

Typical 100 square metre job

100 square metres of geotextile filtration membrane
100 square metres of Ecogrid E40 500t /sqm loading grids with patented locking mechanism
20 linear metres of Ecogrid clip and fix edge system
Enough UV stable resin for 100 square metre job
Sufficient aggregate to mix with resin for a 20mm depth (all colours available)
Delivery direct to site
Total net cost £3348.00

That equates to under £34.00 per square metre for a full kit !! You just supply the type 3 base and fine stone grid infill

What are the benefits?

  • Grids have a 20 year guarantee
  • Less grid surface exposed, more traction for the stone
  • Grids are made from Flexible MDPE (correct expansion coefficient)
  • Grids come pre-locked in 1.3 square metre rows for swift and easy fit
  • Patented grid locking system (won’t come apart) important!
  • Edge system provides an easy to fit level and pattern guide
  • Quality geotextile membrane
  • UV stable first quality resin
  • Clean and dried range of aggregates in all standard colours
  • Curving pieces available
  • Angled pieces available (you can put resin stone on an angle up to 45 degrees)

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