Ecogrid and equestrian arenas

Ecogrid ground reinforcement grid — a neat solution to meet the highest standards Ecogrid is a plastic, porous, ground-reinforcing grid. The Ecogrid drainage system means the riding arena is even fully usable during long periods of rainfall. The robust tread layer with good grip protects the tendons and joints of your horses. The tread layer [...]

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Keep your gateways mud free with Ecogrid or risk losing your subsidy?

A lot of farm equestrian and cattle gateways get really muddy during the wet weather, if you lay Ecogrid permeable ground stabilisation grids down, you can easily stop this and keep these areas green and pleasant, ensuring an aesthetic and healthy environment for your animals. If you don’t maintain these areas, you may risk losing [...]

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Get a complete resin bound stone kit from Ecogrid Limited today!

Get a complete resin bound stone kit from Ecogrid Limited today! Typical 100 square metre job 100 square metres of geotextile filtration membrane 100 square metres of Ecogrid E40 500t /sqm loading grids with patented locking mechanism 20 linear metres of Ecogrid clip and fix edge system Enough UV stable resin for 100 square metre [...]

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Ecogrid resin bound stone systems

Around 30 years ago, a new driveway surfacing system was brought to the unsuspecting public. Resin bonded stone. Designed to be applied over existing concrete or Tarmac driveways, the resin bonded stone was advertised as the next new wonder! The problem was that moisture became trapped in-between the bonded layer and its surface, when temperatures [...]

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Easy fit SuDS. Permeable paving at its best.

Ecogrid Bloxx is a new product from the Ecogrid portfolio Made from recycled plastic which is a 'well worn' phrase but in this instance, it really is. At our factory in Arzberg-Germany, waste bags and bottles arrive at one end and at the other, out comes a product from our range of over 18 different [...]

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