Ecogrid will be at the Scope festival

Ecogrid limited at Scope. The show will run from August 23rd – August 30th at Staffordshire County Showground, qualifiers for the (UK) Supreme Championships for both horses and ponies will commence from January 1st – July 31st 2015, catering from our tiniest of riders through to Grand Prix level. Ecogrid have supplied the surfacing stabilising [...]

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Ecogrid flexible surfacing for golf course pathways and trailways

Ecogrid has been used as the flexible base system with a permeable rubber crumb topping for a local golf course. Grids were laid to a 3 metre wide pathway, running for nearly a kilometer. That is 3000 square metres of surfacing Grids are laid on a free draining sharp angular stone base, filled with the same [...]

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SuDS Approval Body (SAB) what and when?

SUDS Approval Body (SAB) Planning system to promote SuDS Moves to strengthen planning policy on so-called sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) has been announced by the Government, which has decided the planning system will be the best vehicle for ensuring these measures to reduce flood-risk are implemented and maintained. SuDS are designed to manage excess [...]

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The definition of offsite construction

The definition of offsite construction In the housing sector there have been a number of different descriptions given to delivery methods which set out to improve product and process. The term Modern Methods of Construction has in the past been adopted for new products and technologies. Offsite is a construction term to describe a delivery [...]

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Ecogrid Bloxx installation update

Here you can see a wonderful new installation of the Ecogrid bloxx system in Germany, note the innovative design which, of course can be achieved easily with the concrete insert system allowing a unique combination of features and designs. view the video about Ecogrid Bloxx here Here you can see an amalgamation of Ecogrid Bloxx [...]

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Go Green! Building an Environmentally friendly Driveway

When I think of old gravel driveways, I used to think of potholes, ruts and mud, but now there's an easy Green solution for driveways! Before EcoGrid was invented if you parked your car on grass it meant you would soon have a muddy mess. Now there's a simple way to fix up mud issues [...]

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Passing off, why can’t companies trade off their own brand?

At Ecogrid, we are victims of our own success, a success hard earned and one that puts at at the top of the product quality list and the service quality list. However, that success has a cost. Ecogrid has been in production now across the World for over 20 years, it is marketed in the [...]

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Ecogrid..way faster, cheaper and easier than concrete

Our colleagues in the Eastern part of Iceland had a problem that needed to be addressed quickly. When the ferry terminus was busy, passengers needed to be disembarked on to floating pontoons, however there were no pathways from these pontoons to the main exit routes. Concrete was looked at but this medium required shuttering, non-environmentally [...]

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Pony tells owner “you can sod off, i’m not going out there”

Problem, old Dobbin here had really mushed up his paddock, when interviewed, he told the Donkey news " well, it's not my fault, the ground is poorly drained" He followed up with. " She can sod off if she thinks i'm going out there, I have just had new Jimmy shoes fitted". Polly, the owner's [...]

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Ecogrid for Chickens!

EcoGrid X30, the 'versatile grid'. As well as being NATO Approved, EcoGrid is TUV Certified with high to extremely high load bearing capacities tested to DIN 1072, and environmentally neutral as per DIN 38412; non-toxic to soil organisms and groundwater. This is a valuable characteristic of EcoGrid EcoRaster, allowing the system to be used in [...]

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Ecogrid e40 versus Aco ground guard and Bodpave

We are asked to offer products for tenders where the product specification often states "Bodpave, Aco ground guard" and then the ubiquitous statement "or similar", so what is similar? We will allow you to be the judge of that. Ecogrid Versus Aco ground guard and Bodpave • Ecogrid needs no further pins to be affixed: [...]

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