Ecogrid used in conjunction with concrete block paving as the supporting and drainage layer

Ecogrid load bearing paving grids make an ideal partner for concrete block paving (CBP) and permeable paving grids. Infiltration-CBP 1. Concrete block pavers such as Marshalls Priora. A 50 mm concrete block paver layer as the first stage of an infiltration zone. 2. Fine gravel or sharp sand thin screed. 3. 115g stabilisation, separation and [...]

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Terraguide temporary flooring

The Terraguide individual tiles are 50cmx50cmx2cm and have a massive load bearing capacity of 240 tonnes per square metre. 7.5 kg per square metre. Tiles easily and firmly lock together and come stacked in 50 square metre sections of pre-joined tiles of four. The Terraguide range also comes with sloping sections which easily clip to [...]

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Wow, a brand new concept in permeable hard standing!

Ecogrid Bloxx system. This is a brand new system that allows clients to either lay: A standard block paved but permeable pedestrian or vehicle hard standing without any particular skillset A combination area of grassed or gravel filled grids with a pathway or area delineation section Available in 330mm x 330mm grids which arrive pre-locked [...]

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Ecogrid and surface water charges

Did you know that you can get a rebate on your surface water charges if you can prove the following: 1. The rainwater from your roof falls to the gutter system and then to either:A waterbutt or Raincatcher rainwater storage system that features a throttled attenuation valve or a 50:50 rainwater storage system, this means [...]

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Why are SuDS schemes not being universally adopted?

In 2011 Defra (The department for Environment, food and rural affairs) issued a draft on national UK standards for SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) for consultation. The standards were intended to meet the requirements of the FWM act (flood and water management) which in actual fact makes SuDS mandatory, However, there was a ‘get out [...]

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A dozen tips for choosing a permeable paving grid

1. Do the grids lock together without separate pins or clips? Apart from the fact that the actual fitting time is vastly increased, pins and clips can fail, pins often are not able to be firmly forced in to the ground due to stone, clay or roots.2. When grids are fitted together, can they be [...]

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Ecogrid- putting the ability in to permeability

Sustainable urban drainage systems are designed with three integrated objectives in mind, as opposed to traditional drainage systems, which have tended to focus solely on controlling water quantity:1. Control the quantity and rate of runoff from a development.2. Improve the quality of the runoff.3. Enhance the nature conservation, landscape and amenity value of the site [...]

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Ecogrid grassed paving systems

Grassed parking systems, the future for the UK's green aspirations. Grassed parking systems take on a multitude of different forms from slow growing varieties that are drought tolerant, to full and luscious varieties that could grace the lawns of the best gardens in the UK, The secret is in the preparation. In the past products [...]

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