EcoGrid E50
The toughest grid
Handles any heavy duty job
Perfect for roads, landing strips and permanent heavy parking
EcoGrid EH40
The versatile grid
Perfect for a huge variety of tasks
Perfect for driveways and gravel fill parking
EcoGrid Bloxx
The combination grid
Perfect for driveways, pathways and patios
A great permeable alternative to CBP
EcoGrid S50
The flexible grid
Perfect for grassed & equestrian solutions
Flexibility, depth & strength
EcoGrid E30
The subtle grid
Small stature with high loading capacity
Perfect for ground reinforcement, embankment protection and grass protection
EcoGrid X30
The reversible grid
Small stature with high loading capacity
Perfect for animal runs, chicken runs
EcoGrid Aluminium Covers
Double and Triple sealed
For perfection in paving!
Perfect for internal and external use
EcoGrid A50
The landscaping grid
Perfect for embankment reinforcement
With a pre-made slot for a securing pin
EcoGrid TR40
The reservoir grid
Perfect for dry surfaces
Features an in-built reservoir
EcoGrid TP40
The sturdy grid
When extra stability is required
Same as the TR but radials are open & free draining
EcoGrid Softground
Slots in to standard grids
1 metre square mats
Perfect for soft play areas and stables
EcoGrid variable angle
The angle grid
from the horizontal to the vertical easily
Perfect for bund and embankment reinforcement
EcoGrid markers
Two types, two depths, any colour
Raised or flush, UV stable
Perfect for disabled or standard bay marking
EcoGrid curve
The easy fit curving piece
Perfect for a huge range of curves
No cut curving options
EcoGrid Edge
The perfect accompanyment
Available in black or green
Creating perfect edges and curves

Who are we?


Ecogrid is a family owned & run company supplying quality recycled & sustainable products to the landscape & building industry. We offer an entirely holistic approach to both our range & it’s technical back up both physically & digitally.

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